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03 Dec 2014 Hate Incidents, Hate Crime and Gender-based Violence - Update
Police Scotland Highlands & Islands Division report on hate incidents, hate crimes and gender based violence, providing an overview of incidents reported in Highland and associated partnership working.

18 Nov 2014 Update release new Hate Crime factsheet to support Anti-Bullying Week
Update's new factsheet contains information about the different ways to report a disability hate crime and support services that can help you to do this. Download the full factsheet at:

June 2014 Hate Crime in Scotland 2013-14
This Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service report brings together figures on race crime, and on crime motivated by prejudice related to religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender identity.

13 Dec 2013 A report commissioned by the Scottish government has said that denominational schools are not the cause of sectarianism.

10 Dec 2013 Racist Incidents Recorded by the Police in Scotland, 2012-13
Racist Incidents Recorded by the Police in Scotland, 2012-13

29 July 2013 ‘Understanding who commits hate crime and why they do it’
The study was commissioned by the Welsh Government to explore and assess what is known about the perpetrators of hate crimes and their motivations.

11 Dec 2012 Racist Incidents recorded by the police in Sotland, 2011-12

A link to the latest publication of RACIST INCIDENTS RECORDED BY THE POLICE IN SCOTLAND, 2011-12.  The full bulletin is available online, here:


23 November 2012 Detailed analysis of religious hate crime
Statistics published by the Scottish Government today provide a detailed picture of the scale of religious hate crimes across Scotland. Religious Aggravated Offending in Scotland 2011-12.


24 July 2012 In June 2012, GMF (the German Marshall Fund of the United States) published ‘Parochial and Cosmopolitan Britain: Examining the Social Divide in Reactions to Immigration’ by Robert Ford.  The report shows:

British opinion is negative overall, but strongly divided: The British public is more negative about immigration than that of the other countries surveyed by Transatlantic Trends Immigration (TTI), but they are also more divided over the issue. Age, education, economic security, and migrant heritage all strongly predict views about immigration and immigrants in TTI countries, but the effects are stronger in Britain than elsewhere. These factors also all overlap, both in Britain and elsewhere; in particular, the last three are all related to age. The result is a generational divide over immigration, with older generations much more hostile about immigration than younger cohorts. This divide is wider in Britain than in other TTI countries.


July 2012 ‘Hidden in plain sight' is the final report of our inquiry into disability-related harassment. The report uncovers that harassment is a commonplace experience for disabled people, but a culture of disbelief and systemic institutional failures are preventing it from being tackled effectively. As well as reporting on the extent of harassment the report also includes case studies and makes recommendations to public authorities to help them deal with the problems uncovered.


05 July 2012 Homophobic bullying in schools needs to be taken more seriously according to a report from gay rights charity Stonewall, the organisation's first on the issue for five years, says despite progress being made, there is more to be done.


12 June 2012 Racist incidents statistics published

Minister for Community Safety Roseanna Cunningham today cautiously welcomed figures showing a decrease in racist incidents recorded by the police in Scotland in 2010-11.


12 June 2012 Racist incidents fall for fourth year in Scotland

The number of racist incidents reported to the police in Scotland has fallen for the fourth year on the run, according to the latest statistics.


31 May 2012 Funding announced to tackle bigotryMinister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, Roseanna Cunningham, today announced funding to four organisations working to eradicate bigotry in Scotland. Sense Over Sectarianism, Nil by Mouth, Show Bigotry the Red Card, and the Iona Community will all receive a share of £272,000 funding during 2012/13 to build on and develop work already underway in rooting sectarianism out of our communities.


24 May 2012 More than 87,000 racist incidents recorded in Britain's schools.  See BBC News report for more info.


22 May 2012 Hate crime cases increase in Scotland


22 May 2012 Details of hate crime reported to the Procurator

Fiscal in Scotland in 2011-12, and earlier years.


20 March 2012  This written ministerial statement on the hate crime action plan was laid in the House of Commons on 14 March 2012 by Lynne Featherstone, and in the House of Lords by Lord Henley 

Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, Roseanna Cunningham, today announced funding to four organisations working to eradicate bigotry in Scotland. Sense Over Sectarianism, Nil by Mouth, Show Bigotry the Red Card, and the Iona Community will all receive a share of £272,000 funding during 2012/13 to build on and develop work already underway in rooting sectarianism out of our communities.


6 March 2012 Mentally ill 'at high risk of being victim of violence.  People with mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence rather than perpetrators


1 March 2012  Football religious hatred law takes effect in Scotland

The Scottish government said the law is not designed to discourage rivalry

A new law designed to reduce religious hatred associated with football has come into force in Scotland.


3 February 2012  First conviction for sexual orientation hate crime

In January 2012, a jury in Derby found three men guilty of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation in the first criminal conviction in Britain for this offence.

Click here for details of the case on the Equal Rights Trust website


31 October 2011 Commission publishes research on targeted crime
New research released today by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission shows that despite a slight decrease in the number of hate crimes, far too many people are still being targeted for crime and violence because of who they are.


17 June 2011 New bill to tackle sectarianism in Scottish football
The Scottish government has published its proposals for legislation to tackle sectarianism related to football, including tough new prison terms.


24 May 2011 Fiona Pilkington officers face misconduct proceedings
The Independent Police Complaints Commission has published a report on the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter and has found the family should have been identified as "vulnerable".


24 May 2011 EHRC response to the IPCC report on the Pilkington case
A spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission responded to the publication of the IPCC report.


20 May 2011 Salmond announces plans for new anti-sectarian law
New legislation to tackle sectarianism is to be put before the Scottish cabinet. First Minister Alex Salmond said he wanted to pass the legislation before the football season began in July.


18 May 2011 Solicitor General welcomes first figures on new hate crimes
COPFS has published “Hate Crime in Scotland, 2010-2011". In addition to figures on race crime and religiously motivated crime, the report includes, for the first time, figures on the 3 recently introduced categories of hate crime - disability, sexual orientation and transgender identity. 


18 May 2011 Religious hate crimes on the rise in Scotland
The number of religious hate crimes in Scotland has risen by nearly 10% in a year, according to new figures. The Crown Office report also said racially aggravated crimes fell by just under 4% last year.


13 Jan 2011  Victim of disability hate crime?
Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francesca suffered years of abuse.  BBC Three is currently looking to speak to young people who feel they have been victims of disability hate crime.


13 Jan 2011 Radar: Taking action on disability hate crime
Almost half of all disabled people are affected by disability hate crime.  However, only 1,200 cases were prosecuted in the three years to March 2010.  Radar, the Royal Association for Disability Rights, is working to improve the reporting and recording of disability hate crime by:mapping disability hate crime third party reporting sites that already exist or are being set up  exploring disabled people's experiences of reporting disability hate crime.

29 Sept 2010 ACPOS launches manual on 'divisive' hate crime
A manual of guidance aimed at helping police officers and others to recognise hate crime is being launched by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) – the organisation responsible for setting the strategic vision of a high quality police service for everyone in Scotland.

14 June 2010 Disability hate crime action to be investigated
The UK's equality watchdog, the Equality and Human Rights Commission,  has announced an inquiry into whether public bodies are doing enough to stop disability hate crime.

17 May 2010 Commission calls on community leaders to tackle homophobia
The Commission has written to Chief Constables and the Chairs of Local Criminal Justice Boards, Community Safety Partnerships and Primary Care Trusts, providing them with guidance on how they can play their part in tackling homophobic crimes and abuse.

27 April 2010 Racist Incidents 2004-05 to 2008-09
Scotland's Chief Statistician today published Racist Incidents Recorded by the Police in Scotland, 2004-05 to 2008-09. This publication presents the latest figures on racist incidents recorded by Scottish Police Forces.

24 March 2010 Hate crime law comes into force
Hate crimes against disabled or LGBT people now on same footing as racist incidents.

24 March 2010 Capability Scotland welcomes new hate crime law
After years of campaigning, Capability has welcomed the new hate crime law that has come into force across Scotland this week that will better protect disabled people and people from the LGBT communities.

23 March 2010 Scottish survey shows most LGBT people have experienced hate crime Two thirds of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have been verbally abused, a third physically attacked.

23 March 2010 New survey says most gay people suffer "hate crime"
Most lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have been verbally abused and a third physically attacked, according to a new survey from Stonewall Scotland.

22 March 2010 Prosecutors must 'raise game' on disabled hate crime
The Crown Prosecution Service in England and Wales should do more to help disabled victims of hate crime, an official has admitted.


12 May 2009 Partners Join Forces to Reduce Hate Incidents in the Highlands 
Multi agency partners have launched the ‘Hate Free Highland’ website which aims to generate awareness of prejudice and discrimination and encourage more people to report these hate incidents via the online reporting system.